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Inside our quarterly research funding report you’ll find statistics on application and award volume, grant making operational performance, diversity and inclusion, and impact.

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ProposalCentral contains over 10 years and $25 billion in awarded grant data. The metrics contained in this report are based on the most recent quarter of activity in ProposalCentral. This unique data set allows for the creation of unique insights into funding activity.

From applications by country to trends in open science, this report provides a snapshot of research funding activity. We plan to publish this report quarterly.

Research funding is dynamic and ever-evolving. As such, we’ll look to adapt and evolve this report as best we can over time.

+59% quarter-over-quarter growth in applications on ProposalCentral
Days to deliverable approval has dropped by 35% year-over-year
44% of applications on ProposalCentral were submitted by females.
Awards made to non-US Researchers in the Top 10 countries were up 300% vs. Q1 2022.
ProposalCentral Q1 2022 quarterly Research funding Report
About the ProposalCentral Quarterly Research Funding Report
To create this report, we look at quarterly data in ProposalCentral and compare that with the trailing two years. Inside you'll find summary statistics, charts, and insights on a variety of topics including total application and award activity, diversity trends, performance benchmarks, open science and impact.

At Altum, we believe in the power and promise of open science. This report is one way for us contribute to the open science movement. This quarterly report is free to download. It is our hope that the insights contained herein will be useful and informative to funders, institutions, and researchers.
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