On-Demand Webinar

Navigating Impact Reporting: A Guide for Funders

The ability to accurately assess and report on the outcomes of grants is crucial for funders aiming to drive meaningful change. This recorded webinar, featuring Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at BrightFocus Foundation, and Kristen Ratan, Principal at Stratos and Co-Founder of ICOR, provides in-depth insights into the process of impact reporting. It equips participants with the knowledge to effectively navigate these complex challenges.


In this session, our esteemed speakers explore the nuances of impact measurement. They discuss what to track, how to track it, and why these elements are critical for achieving lasting impact. Attendees will learn from specific examples of successful impact-tracking methodologies and engage in candid discussions about the lessons learned in the field of impact reporting. These insights are designed to prepare funders with the foresight to avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities to enhance their impact measurement practices.


Key Takeaways:


- Grasp the essentials of what to track in impact reporting and understand its significance.
- Discover practical examples of impact tracking methodologies and learn how to apply them.
- Gain insights into the tools, metrics, and frameworks utilized by successful funders.
- Uncover valuable lessons in navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities in impact reporting.


Access the recording now to refine your impact reporting strategies and enhance your ability to drive significant change.

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